Home PC Repair 101: Understanding The Fundamentals

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Home PC Repair 101: Understanding The Fundamentals

When my youngest son's laptop suffered a sudden hard drive failure, I was struck by how little I actually knew about how to fix it - or if it could be fixed. After talking with my local technical support and computer repair specialists, I decided it was time to learn. I didn't want to find myself in a similar position again without some idea of what I could do about it. I spent months researching the logistics of computer repair and how the components worked together. That's when I realized that although computers are in so many homes, many other people are just like me - unsure how to deal with computer problems. I created this site to help solve that problem. I hope the information here helps you to demystify your home computers and the problems you might have with them.



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Security 101: 4 Features Your Video Surveillance System Should Have

When it comes to your home or business, you take security seriously. While video surveillance offers many benefits, you need to ensure that you get the right features. Without specific features, your video surveillance could essentially be pointless. So what features should you look for in a video surveillance system? Here are four:

1. Low Light and Infrared

Standard video surveillance works well while the sun is shining. However, you won't get that same result during the dark hours of night. That's why it is so important that your video surveillance system features low light or infrared options. Both of these will ensure that you can see anything (or everything) that happens in the dark. Whether monitoring a business parking lot or the exterior of your home, low light and/or infrared is essential for any good video surveillance system.

2. Remote Viewing and Integration

For on-the-go monitoring of your home or business, you'll need a video surveillance system that offers remote viewing and integration. With today's technology, you can watch real-time surveillance from your phone, computer, or tablet. This is extremely handy, as you can instantly view any intruder from wherever you are.

If you want added functionality, consider choosing a video surveillance system that offers remote camera control. This will allow you to move and pivot your cameras whenever you want – from wherever you are. While this certainly isn't a necessity, it is a handy little feature.

3. Motion Activation

Constantly running cameras can be expensive when it comes to your utility bills. So if you want to save some money, consider opting a motion activated video surveillance system. This system will stay in a sleep mode until movement triggers it to turn on. Since it will be mostly in sleep mode, you'll save on energy costs. However, it will still catch any intruders that attempt to break in to your home. A win-win.

4. Recording

Finally, you'll want to find a security system that offers video recording. Without it, you'll be forced to constantly watch the cameras. This is not practical. Even in a business setting, it can be difficult to monitor the security cameras constantly. Luckily, video recording can solve this problem. The video will automatically be stored in a DVR system for a length of time. If needed, you can look at the recording to spot intruders or other issues.

While standard video surveillance systems do offer some protection, they don't do it all. If you want to improve the security of your home or business, look for a security system that has these features. Together, these features will keep your home or business safe – no matter what.