Home PC Repair 101: Understanding The Fundamentals

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Home PC Repair 101: Understanding The Fundamentals

When my youngest son's laptop suffered a sudden hard drive failure, I was struck by how little I actually knew about how to fix it - or if it could be fixed. After talking with my local technical support and computer repair specialists, I decided it was time to learn. I didn't want to find myself in a similar position again without some idea of what I could do about it. I spent months researching the logistics of computer repair and how the components worked together. That's when I realized that although computers are in so many homes, many other people are just like me - unsure how to deal with computer problems. I created this site to help solve that problem. I hope the information here helps you to demystify your home computers and the problems you might have with them.



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Do You Want To Make Lots Of Online Videos? Make Sure To Get The Right Internet Plan

Buying a video camera, taking a few videos, and getting them onto your computer is an easy process. This does not involve using the Internet because the camera connects directly to your system. It is also easy to capture video on your computer while creating a guide or playing a game without using the Internet. It is when you want to upload these videos onto a website that your Internet starts to play a role. So, if you are shopping around for an Internet plan, you want to make sure you get one that meets your needs.

24/7 Customer Service

It is not uncommon for someone to start making videos and posting them online with the intention of making some income or even turn it into a full-time gig. So, you must understand that having a reliable Internet connection can make all the difference regarding your success with this opportunity. Being able to get access to a customer service representative at any time of day or night is essential. This will ensure any problems that you might experience when you want to upload a video can get resolved right away.

High Upload Speed

Another quality that you will want to get with an Internet plan is a high upload speed. It is typical for download speeds to dominate most plans and that works extremely well for most individuals. But, since you want to be uploading videos, you want this process to happen quickly. This will save you time because the videos will not take long to upload and then you can focus on marketing each video.

No Data Cap

Until you find your groove with uploading videos, a data cap may not be that much of a concern. But, you might end up working extra hard during a certain month or even have a regular pace of uploading a lot of videos. The best way to avoid data cap problems is to find a provider that does not have them. At the very least, you want to have the option to pay a premium to avoid worrying about this potential cap to your work. It is ideal when you do not feel restricted from making videos due to Internet limitations.

When you are getting everything ready to start creating videos and posting them online, one of the many things that you will want to begin with is getting an Internet plan that does not give you any obstacles.